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Listed below you will find a bevy of peer reviewed journals and online resources for use in your research. We have listed these resources according to the category of topics addressed. Simply click on the resource you wish to read in order to access the site. Remember, as with print resources, you must cite any work used in your research in your project bibliographies in accordance with the style method taught at TCZ. Failure to cite digital resources that have been used in your papers or projects is plagiarism and will be dealt with in accordance with the TCZ policy on plagiarism.

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This list was updated on 29 August 2011

General Information Sites

Please note that these sites are not peer reviewed and are not suitable for use in academic writing. However, we have listed these as resources that may help you get started in your research. They often contain helpful links in their bibliographies in which you may find some useful links for further reading.


Internet Public Library


Theology, Biblical Studies, Christ and Culture --

Encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity

Review of Biblical Literature

Themelios Journal

Google Theological Journal Search

Online Journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy

South African Theological Seminary Journal "Providing material on a range of theologies and theologians..."

Christianity Today

Kerux: The Journal of Northwest Theological Seminary

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Studies in Reformed Theology

Founders Journal: Committed to Historic Baptist Principles

Non-Evangelical, Unorthodox, or Sectarian Thought

Links in this category are either outside the realm of evangelical thought, unorthodox, or non/anti-christian. As such it is important to read anything on these pages with a view toward critical thinking.